Sagdoll is a simulation of a “ragdollesque” effect in the Quake engine. This does not use proper physics, and so is not a proper Ragdoll system. I’ve done my best within the limits of QuakeC to produce something that looks a bit like Ragdoll. Besides, Sagdoll has the advantage of allowing dismemberment, something Ragdoll with it’s skeletal models doesn’t allow.

This is still a work in progress.

Play on a map with lots of Grunts e.g. E1M1, because all monster_army entities are replaced with civilians called Nigel. They stand still and wander about a bit. If you kill them they become Sagdolls. It works with any weapon, and the corpses stay manipulable when on the ground. If you hit them with a few rockets or grenades, they’ll start falling apart.

The player model has also been Sagdolled, so play multiplayer or against the built-in Frikbots (impulse 100 to spawn them) to see it in effect.

Download: 2010 Projects (0 downloads)