January 2, 2010

Satan’s Box of Fun

My Clan and I were working on a huge movie, but as of the release of Quake 2, we just drifted away from Quake 1 and now cannot be bothered working on the movie anymore, as Quake 2 is far superior to it’s prequel.

This archive contains all the files for sATaN’s BoX of FuN, along with the original QC files, models, sounds and files needed to compile the code. I’m releasing this as it is as I could not care less if anyone pinches any of the programming involved, as I am going to be reprogramming this for Quake II. Any newbie programmers out there might like to have a look at this and even those who might be wondering how I did such and such.

I cannot be bothered typing up ALL the things I have edited, but I will list the changes I listed in the previous release of this patch. I hope this is useful to somebody out there, but it probably won’t.”

Satan’s Box of Fun (1053 downloads )
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  • Version: 4.52a
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1998-01-04
  • Updated: 1998-01-04
  • Author: James Williams
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? Yes

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