August 22, 2010

Suppressor Flak Cannon

“I think this is the first mod I ever made that I was genuinely pleased with.  It’s a unique weapon, with new graphics, and doesn’t upset the game’s weapon balance.  Not much else to say about it, though, because it’s only one weapon.”

“This gun fires a constant-spread of instant-hit pellets in front of you.  Each individual “pellet” does minor damage, but due to the never-changing spread, you not only have a decent chance to hit your target, but also do great damage.

With Quad, I only think it fair to call this weapon unstoppable.

I think this gun is a good defense against rocket-carrying deathmatchers.  It’s rapid rate and constant spread counter the rocket launcher well.  And the spread is CONSTANT.  Notice how the shotgun and super shotgun do heavy damage up close, but the shot spreads out the farther it goes?  With the Suppressor Flak Cannon, the spread is the same at 3 yards as at 300 yards.  This is due to the speed of the pellets.  The actual spread itself comes from eight barrels placed on mechanical “conveyor belts” which move individual barrels up and down.  This allows for the spread, which makes this weapon so effective.

This is my weapon, the Suppressor Flak Cannon. It fires dust-size pellets at super-high velocities.  It impacts upon its target instantly.  Although the pellet moves amazingly fast, the small size of the pellet prevents it from penetrating the victim to the people behind.  Each individual pellet does minor damage.  But each barrel fires numerous pellets, which add up.  This gun is almost totally worthless if fired in single blasts.  I find it is best to fire long bursts at your opponent.

It grinds up the nail into tinier bits, therefore each shot takes up considerably less ammo than a Super Nailgun. Each blast from the Flak cannon uses up only one nail.

You get a new model for the Super Nailgun.  Looks pretty good for about ten minutes!  Long live MeDDle and QME!”

Suppressor Flak Cannon (1012 downloads)
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Mod Information

  • Version: 1.1
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-12-13
  • Updated: 1998-06-14
  • Author: Jason Michl
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