January 2, 2010


You are a soldier of the dreaded glais army… a bad soldier… you are not strong enough and too intelligent for their dumb army. You made several missions, enough missions to build a graveyard. Since you are a killing machine but aren’t the perfect soldier, THEY decided to enroll you in the steroid juggernaut program. You were a guinea pig for their experimentations. They wanted you to take several drugs that would boost your adrenaline and increase your growing rate… There was just a little problem… these drugs had side effects on the brain and on the personnality of the organism that would absorb them…. like it’s back to the ABC cubes…

You weren’t felling right about this… so they recluded you in a major security jail…. until……..

You gathered equipment in secrecy…. The bastards were forcing you to chop wood outside the complex… There, you were able to trade with civilians for equipment… such as a light… One day, a guard died from heart disease at the prison… they don’t know his gun is under your pillow… They are about to inspect the prisonners cells… To find where that shotgun is… Escaping at this point is a suicide… But it’s your only chance… you gather your stuff… knife, shotgun etc… And wait for the right moment….

YOU MUST STRIKE HARD TO MAKE THEM PAY…. So you’ll attack the important facilities of the army…. the apogee of all this will be the research lab where they develop weapons… you heard that a new type of droid was to be manufactured there… there is one prototype and it is not working yet… if you hurry, maybe you can take it out and make the assholes real sad…. ruin a 6 years project….

Troopeux (739 downloads)
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    ahah I remember this.. I laughed rotf.. troopeux is fantastic, hilarious !


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