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posted by Ciprian on 04 28th, 2017

Quake On LAN

Quake On LAN is a pet project of RawShark, the current custodian of Quake.ie and a fan of the franchise since day one. The project aims to provide an SD Card image for use with the Raspberry Pi single board computer that will run a Quakeworld Server on any local area network simply by connecting to the LAN port on a broadband router. Users on the same network (wired or wireless) can then join the game with their favourite client, like ezQuake for example. This isn’t a mod or a new game engine, it’s just an easy way to get some Quake action going on your home network using one of the coolest and least inexpensive pieces of hardware to emerge in recent years.

Long gone are the days when you needed a noisy, expensive, dedicated server and a degree in Networking Technology to arrange some free for all fun for you and your friends!

No new code was written for this project. It is simply a bundle of pre-existing software pre-compiled, pre-installed and pre-configured for your convenience (all wrapped up in some simple but clever scripts and a cron job). As long as there is power to the Raspberry Pi, the Quakeworld server is running.

It is not necessary to connect a monitor or keyboard, everything autostarts on power up and no user input is required. Visiting the website at quakeonlan.net will then show you what IP address your game server is available at. Custom maps can be uploaded by anonymous FTP and voted for in-game.

As well as Quake Deathmatch, there are also SD Card images on the site for CTF and Co-Op mode. Later projects brought Quake II, Quake III Arena, Doom II and even Minecraft servers to the RPi. Being based on a generic Debian Linux for ARM, all the game servers work on all Raspberry Pi models.

Quake On LAN was nominated as one of the best user projects for the Raspberry Pi by the Guardian newspaper online in 2015. It reached a spike in downloads around the time of Quake’s 20th Anniversary in 2016.

LAN Blueprint

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