Tutorial *19*

This is a quick tutorial showing how to much the console transparent for a nifty look.

Open up the file gl_rmain.c and find the function R_SetGL2D. You should see:

void    R_SetGL2D (void)


        // set 2D virtual screen size

        qglViewport (0,0, vid.width, vid.height);


   	qglLoadIdentity ();

        qglOrtho  (0, vid.width, vid.height, 0, -99999, 99999);


   	qglLoadIdentity ();

        qglDisable (GL_DEPTH_TEST);

        qglDisable (GL_CULL_FACE);

        qglDisable (GL_BLEND);

        qglEnable (GL_ALPHA_TEST);

        qglColor4f (1,1,1,1);


Change the last 3 lines from

   qglDisable (GL_BLEND);

   qglEnable (GL_ALPHA_TEST);

   qglColor4f (1,1,1,1);


   qglEnable (GL_BLEND);

   // qglEnable (GL_ALPHA_TEST);

   qglColor4f (1,1,1,0.3);

Thats it! the parameter 0.3 can be changed to suit your taste but it should look good as it is. I'm not sure how this change actually works since I was mucking around late one night and not sure what I was doing :)

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