Tutorial *26*

This tut is about how to make controlable water waves For this tut we have to modify three files, that would be : "gl_warp.c, gl_local.h and gl_main.c"

First open up "gl_local.h", go to the line that says :

 extern	cvar_t	*r_lightlevel;

And paste this below:

extern  cvar_t  *r_wave; // Water waves

Ok, in this file we are done. Now open "gl_main.c" Go to the line that looks like this :

   cvar_t	*r_lightlevel;

Paste this below it :

   cvar_t  *r_wave; // Water waves

And now go to the function caled : void R_Register( void ) Find this line :

   r_lightlevel = ri.Cvar_Get ("r_lightlevel", "0", 0);

And paste this below it :

   r_wave = ri.Cvar_Get ("r_wave", "2", 0); // Water waves

Ok, this file is done !
Now open the last file caled "gl_warp.c". Go to the function caled "EmitWaterPolys" And paste this at the begining

 vec3_t		nv;   // Water waves

Now in the same function go to line : "qglTexCoord2f (s, t);" And at the botom of this line paste the water wave code :

//=============== Water waves ============

			if (!(fa->texinfo->flags & SURF_FLOWING))


				nv[0] =v[0];

				nv[1] =v[1];

				#if !id386

				nv[2] =v[2] + r_wave->value *sin(v[0]*0.025+r_newrefdef.time)*sin(v[2]*0.05+r_newrefdef.time)

						+ r_wave->value *sin(v[1]*0.025+r_newrefdef.time*2)*sin(v[2]*0.05+r_newrefdef.time);


				nv[2] =v[2] + r_wave->value *sin(v[0]*0.025+rdt)*sin(v[2]*0.05+r_newrefdef.time)

						+ r_wave->value *sin(v[1]*0.025+rdt*2)*sin(v[2]*0.05+rdt);


				qglVertex3fv (nv);



//============= Water waves end. ==============

			qglVertex3fv (v);


		qglEnd ();



Thats all ! Enjoy the water waves.

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