Tutorial *96*
Mirror Fix

One of the things that really blew me away when GLQuake was first released was the mirrors.
When the code was released, the first thing I tried with my compiled version was the window in the Easy hallway on the Start map

I was a little upset when it wasn't working. I thought I'd recompiled it wrong, but everyone else had the same problem. I dug around in the code, but could see nothing obviously typo'd, excluded etc, and so I resigned myself to waiting for the fix to be announced somewhere.

From nowhere, some weeks later, I found a version that worked. Koolio had it fixed in his KoolGL version of the engine. Well as it turned out he'd found the fix in Phoenix's QER code anyway.

So my thanks go to them both, I now have mirrors, and am happy again.

Now to the code
Open gl_rmain.c

in R_Mirror

just after :-

	// blend on top

	glEnable (GL_BLEND);


	//mirror fix - from QER


	//mirror fix

and just before the last line in the routine

	glColor4f (1,1,1,1);

add :-

	//mirror fix - from QER


	//mirror fix

And that should be it.

Compile and run. You should now have working mirrors.(At least I do now anyway)

One thing. This fix doesn't appear to work under windowed mode, or 32 bit mode. So if anyone wants to fix those as well then please feel free ;)

Enjoy your mirrors,


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