June 25, 2009

QuakeWiki is Live!

QuakeWiki.net is finally live. For the moment it only hosts most of the PlanetQuake archives that are due for deletion on August 31st. I intend to add more info on Quake 1 programming, editing, mapping and more. Along with sources, links and references.

Welcome to Quake Wiki (quakewiki.net)

This domain hosts all Quake archives that are to be deleted by IGN from planetquake.com.

Announcement on func_messageboard:


Announcement on Inside3D:


I want to thank everyone helping me save the Quake archives.

The link archives are hosted on quakewiki.net/archives/namehere and will be arranged by type, such as mods, levels, tutorials, engines and any other category that I missed. The sites will be kept relatively intact in terms of graphics, as this is the purpose of this action: keeping an archive. All the links will be repaired, fixed, synchronized with other mirrors, and completed if missing.

For any requests, find me on Inside3D forums, as Chip.

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