October 5, 2011

Rage Easter Eggs – Quake

Quake 1 Start Room

To locate this room, you’ll have to search the Wasted Garage for three hidden buttons. Don’t do this one while completing the mission to find parts for the Buggy, return on your own later. The buttons do not have an onscreen prompt, you’ll know they’ve been activated when you hear a Quake-like sound effect.

1. Starting from the button of the building, the first button is on the second floor. Run past where you had previously found the distributor cap for your buggy, and look for a nightstand. Look beneath the drawer to find the first button.

2. Moving up, the next button is on the third floor, in a small room behind a filing cabinet. The button is facing the wall, behind the cabinet – you’ll need to crouch and press against the wall to see the button.

3. The last button is on the fourth floor. Find a red workbench, and look on the wall just left of it. Crouch and interact to activate the button.

4. Return to the second floor to find the room. In one dead end hallway, you’ll find a Quake symbol painted on one of the walls. Run up the steps and enter the portal – inside you’ll find a rare piece of treasure.

ThanksĀ http://www.youtube.com/user/GameFrontDotCom!

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