Tutorial *115*
Firstly, you will need to download Djgpp.. I'll leave you to work this one out on your own :) After downloading and installing it, you will have to uncompress the Quake 1 sourcecode.

It's very easy to compile this code, as us kind people at the QSG have written a nice makefile.dos for you :)

Download makefile.dos

Next open up a dos prompt [or reboot into dos] and change into the WinQuake source directory. Copy the makefile there. You'll only need to make one source change before compiling. About now I'll add a warning that DJGPP currently will -not- work under Windows 2000.

Open sys_dos.c, and look at line 61. Remove the 'static' from this line:

static qboolean         isDedicated;

You can now type 'make'. Ignore all the warnings you get, they are normal. At the end of things you should have a working dosquake.exe!

Note that this file is quite large. You can compress it using DJP. I just can't remember the url for it off the top of my head :)

Note that when it's compresssed, you may -have- to start the exe with a -winmem param for it to work. This tutorial will be updated later.

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