Tutorial *48*
This is a handy function for making nice maps. This simply lets the mapper place models on their maps. Looks good, and is easy to place complexed stuff, such as cars, or other stuff.

This is realy simple, Only one function needed:

void() place_model =


	self.touch = armor_touch;

	precache_model (self.model);

	setmodel (self, self.model);

	self.skin = 0;

	setsize (self, '-16 -16 0', '16 16 56');


That's it, it's not harder than that. (I don't know if the "self.touch" is nessesary, but this function works, i know what.. Now save this file as "placemodel.qc" and add it to the progs.src and compile.

Now the mappers can incluse a new entity called "place_model", and add a key called "model" and the value should be the location of the model for example "progs/boss.mdl". Also, I haven't tested this with a model that allready have been precached, but i guess it should work even if you precache the model twice.

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