Tutorial *8*
- by Paddy (paddy@mdqnet.net)
- checked for Hexen2 by Jacques Krige (korax@hexenworld.net / jkrige@ananzi.co.za)

Ok people, Reflective surfaces is something that Quake1 has and they are quite cool, But 1 they arent enabled and u need some other stuff as well,erm... well just do this tut :) Ok open Up Gl_rmain.c and near the top where it says

cvar_t r_mirroralpha = {"r_mirroralpha","1"};

change the "1" to "0.3"
Now open gl_rmisc.c and go to this function






void R_NewMap (void)


Where it says

if (!Q_strncmp(cl.worldmodel-textures[i]-name,"window02_1",10) ) // Makes the Texture window02_1

mirrortexturenum = i; // a mirror

Ok now u can add as many textures in as you want I have added quite a few into the 3DPC GlQuake.exe Use worldcraft to view the textures and get there names.
Ok now we know how to make Mirrored Brushes lets see what they look like Compile that and run Your .exe with the cmd line -nomtex (thanks frik:)
Now start the start.bsp map and look at the pattern on the easy hall, ooooooo!!!!!!!!! its all reflective and stuff :)

Just on a side-note, remember that mirror textures can only be used on bordering brushes. IE: you can't put a mirror in the center of a room using a brush.
Enjoy! ;)
To see it in action, head over to http://www.hexenworld.net/acheron

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