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UDK Level of the Day
This is latest UDK scene called “The Vineyard” by Jonas Axelsson!  More information on on Jonas’ Portfolio Website and Polycount thread. It successfuly qualified for the Picture of the Day post for today!
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CryEngine 3 Nature Shots
Latest CryEngine 3 nature shots resemble anything but a game. They look sharp, crisp and photorealistic. I played both Crysis 1 and 1.5, and, while the graphics are not so much enhanced, the developers decided to crank up the number of props, models, decals, foliage and objects to 4 and more in some...
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RUIN – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe
Wes Ball from OddBall Animation has completed the RUIN project, a stereo short he has been working on for six months. A graduate of Florida State film school, Ball has had a solid background of live action. In fact, his final year thesis film ended up being his first animated film, in fact the school’s...
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id Software confirm Doom 4 images, with a twist
More than a hundred images, purportedly from id Software’s Doom 4 leaked to the internet earlier this week. They portrayed environments from a post-apocalyptic Earth, with burning, ash-covered cities and the destruction only aliens and hellspawn are capable of. Developer id Software says those...
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Leaked Doom 4 Images
A Coreean site just posted some leaked screenshots of Doom 4. There are no indications, so far, that these images are either fake, or from a different game. The...
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RetroBlazer: Darkplaces TC
Not too many information about this one, but worth a quick peek:   Started out as a raycast game TC years back for the Mac, but was converted and rebuilt to a quake TC in Darkplaces. Current discussion about this conversion here: Great...
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Kot-in-Action Goodies!
Kot-in-Action Creative Artel is a small video game developer, a privately owned entity dedicated to creating and producing fun to play and challenging video games. Read all the details here. Kot-in-Action Creative Artel was born and the two team members began working on their first commercial title called...
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Quake Expo 2011
Quake Expo is a community event for developers, players and enthusiasts of Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 3, held to celebrate the games, present ongoing or finished projects to the general public, organize multiplayer events, speedmodding contests and come together to discuss various aspects of the...
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I found an old archive of all tutorials and decided to upload them for safekeeping. The tutorials are available at Feel free to browse them all.
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QuakeCon 2010 is over!
This morning at QuakeCon: QuakeCon 2010 Tear Down – Day 3 Several outlets host media coming out of QuakeCon. Enjoy the show! Flickr Vimeo YouTube
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