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QRe Reboot
QRe Reboot v3 I found this old post about a long dead project of mine. I’m making it public now, in case someone might find it useful. QuakeC source (GitHub) Requirements: /ID1/ /kleshik/ (based on r121) darkplaces.exe Software: QuArK Q3Map2 Story: A huge structure, a combination of metal, rust and ice, in the middle of a frozen sea. Q3Map2 compile...
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QRe Reboot: More Ideas
QRe Reboot v3 I found this old post about a long dead project of mine. I’m making it public now, in case someone might find it useful. Objective Strip away engine graphics as much as possible (menu graphics, HUD graphics, help graphics). Compile and build Use Q3Map2 Complete help for this, maybe a Visual C++ project, make it standalone What...
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Quake Expo 2011 Migration
I have finally moved the Quake Expo 2011 site to the main CMS. The reason is that the expo has been originally built on a bespoke CMS, which in 2018 has lots of flaws and vulnerabilities. The content is better organized, better indexed and easier to find. If you want to see how the original site used to look like, head over to Quaddicted’s archive or...
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Rocket Jump: Quake and the Golden Age of First-Person Shooters
In the summer of 1996, Quake became the fourth jewel in Texas-based developer id Software’s crown. Based on interviews with the developers, the article explores the making of the Quake franchise, the culture that simultaneously shaped and fractured creator id Software, and other developers whose creativity defined an era. Each corridor is ornamented...
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Inside Trailer – e3
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Welcome to Red Creek Valley Trailer
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Quake 2 Wallpapers
I managed to find a nice, online album with Quake 2 wallpapers. ...
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Open QuakeWiki [Update]
My latest article proposed open submissions for, however, due to the high number of spam registrations, I have closed them since. Feel free to contact me at getbutterfly[at]gmail[dot]com to get you set up with a QuakeWiki account. In other news, we’ll definitely have a Quake Expo next year, which I’ll try to code from the...
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Weapons Showcase
Jim brings some new weapon models for his mod, Blaze. See a demo video below or check out some hi-res images here. Source: Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB Like0
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Open Submissions
In an attempt to revive the website, I have decided to open public submissions. In addition to this, I’m also testing the possibility of allowing personal project pages with full editing capabilities. So, if you don’t have a personal blog, site or web space, feel free to rent a page within this site and showcase your project. Allowed...
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Shining the Light on Crysis 3
Shining the Light on Crysis 3 Pierre-Yves Donzallaz, Sr. Lighting Artist GDC 2013 Europe ISSUU link | Scribd link Like0
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Screenshot Of The Day: In The Shadows
Screenshot Of The Day: In The Shadows Like1
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