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QRe Reboot

QRe Reboot v3 I found this old post about a long dead project of mine. I’m making it public now, in case someone might find it useful. QuakeC source (GitHub) Requirements: /ID1/ /kleshik/ (based on r121) darkplaces.exe Software: QuArK Q3Map2 Story: A huge structure, a combination of metal, rust and ice, in the middle of

QRe Reboot: More Ideas

QRe Reboot v3 I found this old post about a long dead project of mine. I’m making it public now, in case someone might find it useful. Objective Strip away engine graphics as much as possible (menu graphics, HUD graphics, help graphics). Compile and build Use Q3Map2 Complete help for this, maybe a Visual C++

Stairs WIP

I needed a flight of stairs for the underground level and I did one using the reference below. The stairs are brushes, using the smallest unit available. The term “flight of stairs” represents a continuous series of stairs from one landing or floor to another, and in my case, the underground storage space.           Still not

Development Restarted

I chose to use development textures for the entire block-out phase, including beta testing, and refining the map. Textures would require a bit of work, as I intend to apply a general style for all of them (if I can’t write a post processing shader to tint the whole view). The engine suffered more changes,

QRe Engine – Finally Official

It’s finally official. The engine is working with my custom modification. Lots of code was stripped down, as you probably read in all the past posts, and some 2D stuff was heavily optimized. The engine is still in Alpha state, as many hardcoded functions need to be removed, and some GLSL optimizations need to be

OpenQuartz 2 Updates

After a successful system reinstall, I’ve switched from Microsoft Visual C++ to Code::Blocks. It’s light, open-source and Darkplaces compiles perfectly. I’m not an engine programmer but I need certain tweaks and changes, and I can do it using Code::Blocks. I’m involved in another undisclosed Quake project and I started implementing some changes in the last

Mapping Progress – Mini SP Start Map

This map is the beginning of a great journey. After getting through the portal, a new world awaits! This is the current progress for the start map: The main idea is to use no more than 10 textures for this intro level, and have some smart progress going on. Some textures are temporary, I’m currently

Rogue Milestone 0.1 “White Box” Ready!

Last months were filled with joyful Quake related events. If you’ve been reading Inside3D forums or QuakeOne.com, you know what I’m talking about. I really like seeing new projects take off, new faces, old faces, and releases upon releases. Quake’s arena has been so active that conflicts have arisen. Back to our news, the mod-formerly-known-as-chipquake

More DarkPlaces Stripping Adventures

I spent this afternoon stripping more unnecessary code from DarkPlaces. Today I have removed all demo references, as it’s an obsolete feature. One could easily implement video cutscenes to the engine. The demo functions and references were scattered all over the code, and I found some hacky stuff for timedemo benchmarks. It’s all gone now.

Stripping down DarkPlaces

I took a break from QuakeC customization and moved to engine coding. My little experience lead me to learn a bit of C in order to mess with the DarkPlaces source. What I actually need is the power of DarkPlaces without the unnecessary mods compatibility and old Quake functions such as demos, CD playing routines

Working on the HUD

I wanted to break a little from the regular QuakeC sessions, so I wanted to give another shot to the HUD. The first one – the one you saw in the previous shots, both here and on Inside3D – was an alpha version. It was there just for the positioning. It doesn’t scream “look at

ChipQuake – The Beginning

I kept on working and developing the QuakeC source with some new features, which, in order to be tested, needed a test map. So I used QuArK to build a new map with custom effects and entities. I give you… sp_Temple! sp_Temple is a basic map with some geometry, some lighting,  and some new entities.