February 7, 2012

QRe Engine – Finally Official

It’s finally official.

The engine is working with my custom modification. Lots of code was stripped down, as you probably read in all the past posts, and some 2D stuff was heavily optimized. The engine is still in Alpha state, as many hardcoded functions need to be removed, and some GLSL optimizations need to be added.

The old projects ChipQuake and Rogue are now merged into QRe, the code was streamlined, and content for the game is being produces as we speak – maps, textures, assets and more.

We also have a development forum, and we are getting ready to release an alpha build (I know I said this a couple of times, but I’m getting closer and closer to a desired state of the game, so the Alpha is coming this time).

UPDATE #1: Here’s a screenshot from the latest lighting tests:

UPDATE #2: Some new screenshots from an early level:


UPDATE #3: Shotgun

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