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Profile: Retro Interview: Paul Jaquays

In perhaps one of Fragmaster’s longest interviews, Jaquays talks about many topics from his background to his opinions on the gaming idustry. Jaquays recounts his lengthy background in the industry, talks about how he designs levels, and even lists the most significant events in gaming history. Fragmaster, a classic gaming connoisseur, even converses with Jaquays

Profile: Retro Interview: Tom Mustaine

Tom Mustaine, ritual level designer, just bounces off Fragmaster’s strangeness. Mustaine also tells an intriguing story about his life as a gamer and designer and talks a bit about his work and Scourge of Armagon. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Fragmaster / PlanetQuake1997 An Interview with Tom “BSP P1mp, ParadoX” Mustaine Hi there. My name’s Tom

Profile: Retro Interview: Tom Hall

Gaming Nexus devotes equal space to Tom Hall’s upcoming Anachronox and Tom Hall’s brain. An ION Storm founder, Hall tells what made him decide to be a game developer and what he would be if he wasn’t doing what he’s doing now. He also lists many of his influences and discusses Rise of the Triad,

Profile: Retro Interview: Brian Hook

Radpipe converses with id software’s Brian Hook about his job and various technical issues. Hook talks in detail about id software and what it’s actually like to work there. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Russell “Radpipe” Lauzon / PlanetQuake1998 Being the hardware point man for a gaming company is not an easy job, especially when that

Profile: Retro Interview: Eric Reuter

Sean Green knows what to ask Eric Reuter, level designer for Epic megagames. Reuter lists the projects he’s worked on before, and answers questions about what intrigued him about level design. Green also asks focused design questions that elicit long and well-written responses. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Sean Green1998 Coffee With Eric Continuing our series

Profile: Retro Interview: Kevin Cloud

Kevin Cloud, artist, co-owner, and project manager at id, describes the biggest challenges he faced working on Quake II. Cloud discusses art skills with respect to the transition to Trinity. He also describes his texturing tools, the art team at id, and project management. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Alex Dunne / Gamasutra / Game Developer MagazineJanuary

Profile: Retro Interview: Dave “Zoid” Kirsch

Dakota’s interview with Kirsch, “father of CTF” and QuakeWorld maintainer, covers a good variety of topics, but the excellently focused questions set this apart from other interviews. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Darren “Dakota” Tabor / Captured.comMay 25, 1998 An Interview with David “Zoid” Kirsch The person most closely associated with the success of Capture the

Profile: Retro Interview: Steve Rescoe

ION Storm designer Steve Rescoe answers great questions from webmaster and mapper Matt Sefton. Rescoe discusses his past and his editing. He also expands on his design style and on the ingredients necessary for a great single player level. He also lists a his favourite levels, designers, and monsters. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Matt Sefton

Profile: Retro Interview: John Carmack

Carmack actually reveals some information about his past and about id software. He also answers questions about his gaming habits and gives his opinion on key gaming issues. Carmack then discusses the design of Quake 2 and the “next generation”. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Electric Play / Electric Play1997 John Carmack (of id Software) interview

Profile: Retro Interview: John Carmack & Brian Hook

In this interview, Carmack and Hook speak frankly about techie issues involving technologies and design. Even fun if you’re a non-geek. Andrew “Kolinahr” Wu By Alex St. John / bootnet Magazine1997 On the first day, id Software created Wolfenstein 3D– the debut first-person shooter to confront the issue of 3D on the PC. And it

Profile: Retro Interview: John Romero

A truly detailed epic profile of John Romero. In this extremely well-written profile, the profiler Copilevitz begins with an entertaining anecdote about a twelve year old Pac-Man-playing Romero. Copilevitz interviews Romero’s relatives who reveal various facets of Romero’s life as a young man. The profile details what Romero was like in elementary school and continues

Aerowalk: Blast From the Past

Created and released by Preacher in February 21, 1998, Aerowalk is a very popular map — notably in Russia. Due to its wide popularity, it has been ported to many other games. Aerowalk was created using the WorldCraft editor. Medium sized level especially made for furious 1on1 play =) — Preacher Title Filename Author Released Reviewer Aerowalk aerowalk.bsp Preacher 21 Feb