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idSoftware Source Code Releases
Following the release of Doom3 source code on gitHub, idSoftware now adds more source code to their public repository. Head over here – – and browse, fork or study some source code. I’m curious to see what forks will appear next. Who’s first? By...
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QuakeCon 2012 dates announced!
Still a long time till then, but QuakeCon, North America’s largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party, returns to the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX on August 2-5. Those interested in attending can reserve special room rates at the hotel by calling 1-800- Hiltons and ask for the QuakeCon 2012...
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A New Quake Portal For Irish Players
A while ago I tried to contact the owner of, as he wanted to give away the site. Even if the site had few visitors, and the graphics was quite obsolete, he kept it just to release a fresh, new version several month later. Now, offers informations, engine downloads, source code downloads,...
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Quake 3 Videos
If you’re interested in Quake 3 movies and videos, this Vimeo channel has some interesting ones. Most of the Quake 3 movies nowadays contain frags mixed together with art and Special effect. In join!
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Rage Easter Eggs – Quake
Quake 1 Start Room To locate this room, you’ll have to search the Wasted Garage for three hidden buttons. Don’t do this one while completing the mission to find parts for the Buggy, return on your own later. The buttons do not have an onscreen prompt, you’ll know they’ve been...
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Hit Location System
This is the source code to MauveBib’s hit location system. When used, this code makes weapons do more or less damage to the victims depending on where on the body they hit. [c]/* ————————————————————————— ...
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Curves for Quake: Tips and tricks
This is a tutorial by czg: Tutorial for making QBSP curves in WorldCraft First off, I guess a lot of you have already tried out making curves yourselves, and done so mostly by making a cylinder template, and building your architecture around that. That’s fair enough, but lets have a look at...
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Minecraft: Low-poly Pixelated Cartoonish FPS
This reminds of software Quake 1. And I’m sure it’s doable in Quake. Build blocks, climb them, destroy them, reach the lava. Explore a pixelated universe. I’m playing online right now and I’m keeping an eye on the development blog. Minecraft is developed by Markus Persson. It’s...
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Penumbra: Overture goes open source!
Not related to Quake, but to a nice horror survival engine, Penumbra: Overture goes open source. I’ve only played the second part of the series, Black Plague, but this addition to the open-source market is remarkable. Here is a link to the public repository for the Penumbra game and the HPL1...
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How to convert a 3DS model to Quake 1 MDL format
This is a tutorial on how to convert a 3DS/MAX model made in 3d Studio Max to Quake 1 .mdl format. Programs used: 3D Studio Max 9, Paint Shop Pro 9, Quick3D, qME 3.1 Courtesy of st3ady.
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