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Quake Screenshot Dump #3

NiN’s Asylum

This is a screenshot dump (again) of Grant Creasey’s maps. The PlanetQuake archive had no maps available for download.

LSDM17 – Octopus Revenge (Heavy-Modded Q3DM17)

No sources currently exist. This is a series of screenshots from an old LordSquart archive website.


As part of the End of an Era cleanup, here’s some Vondur maps screenshots, in no particular order, salvaged from his old website. Note that you can find some of his old levels somewhere on this website.

Q1K3: A JavaScript Homage to Quake in Just 13KB

Here is a very popular entrant to the latest JS13KGames contest that ended this week. This Quake clone is amazing given the JavaScript limitations, and takes me right back to 1996 when I installed it off a magazine cover disc (when the demo even then was 10 megabytes). The game comes from Dominic Szablewski (@phoboslab)


Another blast from the past, this time Auhsan. Here’s an old selection of screenshots from circa 2000. How I am? my name is Toni “Auhsan” Jaume, I’m from Mallorca (an isle of Spain). and I’m an quake fanatic. That’s my adiction. I’ve started with Doom years ago killing imps with my shotgun. I love maps.

David Bülow-Osborne

I dug up some old screenshots from an old PlanetQuake site, by Dave Bülow. Quake 1: Temple of Osiris Quake 1: DBDM9Q1 Quake 2: DBODM5


This page will automatically grab all new episodes as they are posted. I will eventually add pagination when this page starts getting long. I can easily dump a thread at the bottom of the page if people want to comment. I also created a local version that you can download and open in the browser


“Recursion” breaks the format of revisiting previously unreachable areas, by having you hunt within a branched hub for runes which completely restart the level. Once the player has all four runes, the exit becomes available. Recursion: by Andrew Yoder “Recursion” breaks the format of revisiting previously unreachable areas, by having you hunt within a branched

Search And Rescue (search-based learning)

Article by MadGypsy I am going to teach you how to teach yourself. It’s supposedly a “fact” that you have to tell someone something 7 times before they officially commit it to memory, so, I’m going to make this tutorial 7 repetitions.First of all, I am using Notepad++ for this tutorial. It’s free and it’s

Out Of Time

OOT is a unity project by community member Mr. Burns. The project is a FPS style game with a temporal element to it. It requires the player, a soldier with training in “special” forces, to go on missions as directed by “the elders”. The player will be challenged to identify powerful dark enemy forces already

Quake Eargasm

Quake Eargasm is a recreation of Quake sounds by community member ChristianIce. It uses the original sources and the same sound libraries that id used. It has been re-edited with longer loops and better EQs. Now Quake can be enjoyed with its original mood but without the frequencies below 4000 Hz. Quake Eargasm Quake Eargasm