Posted by Ciprian on 08 5th, 2019

Quake 1 Tools

Below is a list of utilities that can be used to manage, create and modify game files. Each has their strong and weak points. It is not uncommon that you may want all of them.



PakScape is an exceptional PAK, PK3 & ZIP explorer/creator by Peter ‘Riv’ Engström. It supports the PAK and PK3 formats of games based on Quake 1, 2 & 3.


file v1.55

Wally is a popular wad editor by Justin “Mosquito” Richardson. Wally allows you to manipulate texture files for half-life, heretic 2, quake 1 and more.



TexMex is a Quake texture Wad editing program created by Mike Jackman. In addition to Quake texture Wads, TexMex also supports the texture formats of several other games, such as Quake II, Daikatana and Half-Life. It can even modify the textures stored in Quake .bsp files directly.

Pak Explorer


Pak Explorer is a PAK file explorer/creater. Quake 1 & 2 PAK formats are supported.


file v1.3

Versatile program for manipulating the many file formats that Quake has. Features include replacing textures in bsp files, editing entity lists, changing model skins, creating sprites, making mip textures, and extensive wad editing.


file v02

Fimg is a Windows 32 bit image editor designed for editing game sprites and images. It currently works with Quake SPR Sprite, Darkplaces SPR32, WAD2 and Lmp along with a smattering of standard image formats. Programmed by Ryan “FrikaC” Smith.

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