Quake On LAN

Quake On LAN is a pet project of RawShark, the current custodian of and a fan of the franch […]

Open QuakeWiki [Update]

My latest article proposed open submissions for, however, due to the high number of sp […]

Weapons Showcase

Jim brings some new weapon models for his mod, Blaze. See a demo video below or check out some hi-re […]

Open Submissions

In an attempt to revive the website, I have decided to open public submissions. In add […]

GtkRadiant 1.6.4 Goodies

Not released yet, but it promises lots of changes. […]

Shareware Flash Quake!

Press ESC to start a new game! Use keyboard to navigate (hold left mouse button to look around) and […]


The FMX trailers are traditionally created by students of the Institute of Animation, Effects and Di […]