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Hell Hunt
Hell Hunt is a retro First Person Shooter built using Unity. It looks almost identical to Quake and it could have been built 100% using Quake tools and a modern engine such as FTE or Darkplaces. I noticed lots of sprites, such as grates, drips, spider webs and even blood spatter, which add to...
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Mapping Progress #1
I’m approaching 40 and midlife crisis translates into level design for me. Apparently. So, I dusted off the cobwebs and reinstalled QuArK. I’m using Fitzquake 0.85 (and Quakespasm interchangeably) and ericw-tools for map compiling. Don’t know if it’s good or bad. I’m...
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Announcement: Quake Sewer Map Jam!
Bookmarking the Quake Sewer Map Jam for quick access. Share if you’re interested. Everyone hates sewer levels. Too often they are cramped, repetitive, and disorienting. They limit the range of gameplay systems and require one right way to play. They are the antithesis of playgrounds...
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Sludge Factory WIP
Here’s a nice work in progress series from @Comrade_Beep on Reddit –
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Can you hear the neon lights buzzing?
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Create an account on and contribute news, mods, tutorials, maps, engines and more! I have recently added an image gallery, mostly great Quake maps or levels or generic level design. I will post more as I find them. Feel free to register an account and post your own...
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Quake Expo 2011 Migration
I have finally moved the Quake Expo 2011 site to the main CMS. The reason is that the expo has been originally built on a bespoke CMS, which in 2018 has lots of flaws and vulnerabilities. The content is better organized, better indexed and easier to find. If you want to see how the original site used...
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Open QuakeWiki [Update]
My latest article proposed open submissions for, however, due to the high number of spam registrations, I have closed them since. Feel free to contact me at getbutterfly[at]gmail[dot]com to get you set up with a QuakeWiki account. In other news, we’ll definitely have a Quake Expo...
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Weapons Showcase
Jim brings some new weapon models for his mod, Blaze. See a demo video below or check out some hi-res images here. Source: Weapons Demonstration – Mod DB
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Open Submissions
In an attempt to revive the website, I have decided to open public submissions. In addition to this, I’m also testing the possibility of allowing personal project pages with full editing capabilities. So, if you don’t have a personal blog, site or web space, feel free to rent...
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