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Q1K3: A JavaScript Homage to Quake in Just 13KB

Here is a very popular entrant to the latest JS13KGames contest that ended this week. This Quake clone is amazing given the JavaScript limitations, and takes me right back to 1996 when I installed it off a magazine cover disc (when the demo even then was 10 megabytes). The game comes from Dominic Szablewski (@phoboslab)

Quake (2021 Enhanced Re-Release Version)

Quake gets enhanced re-release for modern platforms for 25th anniversary As Quake celebrates its 25th anniversary, it’s getting an enhanced re-release which will be available for modern platforms. With the legendary franchise already spanning 25 years, it’s time to experience the multiplayer glory once more. There’s a lot to like about the re-release, which is

End of an Era

Well, another era. It’s been a while since I contributed to QuakeWiki and I feel I abandoned it. But it’s not abandoned. It’s just there, in a corner, on the top shelf. Or the bottom shelf. I haven’t put it in a box yet. I won’t put it in a box, as Quake has always

Fresh QuakeWiki Logo 2020

I’ve had this logo for a long time, I can’t even remember when I made it. More than 10 years ago, for sure. With the latest WordPress updates, I needed a coat of fresh paint, and that happened last year. I still needed a transparent logo and a responsive site, so the first part is

Hell Hunt

Hell Hunt is a retro First Person Shooter built using Unity. It looks almost identical to Quake and it could have been built 100% using Quake tools and a modern engine such as FTE or Darkplaces. I noticed lots of sprites, such as grates, drips, spider webs and even blood spatter, which add to the

Mapping Progress #1

I’m approaching 40 and midlife crisis translates into level design for me. Apparently. So, I dusted off the cobwebs and reinstalled QuArK. I’m using Fitzquake 0.85 (and Quakespasm interchangeably) and ericw-tools for map compiling. Don’t know if it’s good or bad. I’m trying to go for a bit of ambient occlusion, dirtmapping and nice shadows.

Announcement: Quake Sewer Map Jam!

Bookmarking the Quake Sewer Map Jam for quick access. Share if you’re interested. Everyone hates sewer levels. Too often they are cramped, repetitive, and disorienting. They limit the range of gameplay systems and require one right way to play. They are the antithesis of playgrounds and sandboxes. At their worst, a sewer level drags with

Sludge Factory WIP

Here’s a nice work in progress series from @Comrade_Beep on Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/user/Comrade_Beep/:

Can you hear the neon lights buzzing?


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Quake Expo 2011 Migration

I have finally moved the Quake Expo 2011 site to the main CMS. The reason is that the expo has been originally built on a bespoke CMS, which in 2018 has lots of flaws and vulnerabilities. The content is better organized, better indexed and easier to find. If you want to see how the original

Open QuakeWiki [Update]

My latest article proposed open submissions for QuakeWiki.net, however, due to the high number of spam registrations, I have closed them since. Feel free to contact me at getbutterfly[at]gmail[dot]com to get you set up with a QuakeWiki account. In other news, we’ll definitely have a Quake Expo next year, which I’ll try to code from the ground