February 23, 2020

Hell Hunt

Hell Hunt is a retro First Person Shooter built using Unity. It looks almost identical to Quake and it could have been built 100% using Quake tools and a modern engine such as FTE or Darkplaces.

I noticed lots of sprites, such as grates, drips, spider webs and even blood spatter, which add to the haunted atmosphere.

I can’t wait to see more screenshots, especially those which show the level design, the architecture and the environment.

If you remember Kleshik, you’ll notice that Hell Hunt has lots of particle effects (blood and the sort) which could have been created using particles.

“Kleshik is an unfortunately little known co-op mod by Dresk for DarkPlaces exclusively. Some may scoff at the exclusivity as a pitfall of platforming and niche filling, but it truly takes advantage of many of DarkPlace’s features to create a more visceral experience, with a great sense of feedback, and substantial weight and impact in the world of Quake. Kleshik does a good job of allowing the player to hold back if they really wish to, but without a sense of ease, and does a better job of getting the blood pumping, and all the more primed for fear. It approaches that odd combination of horror and intense action; where most games and mods go for suspense, inaction and quiet, Kleshik besieges you with events and atmosphere. Where most horror elements are visions of the tomb, Kleshik is an image of chaotic Hell, given voice.”


Hell Hunt source: https://twitter.com/T19gs

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