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Quake Expo 2011 Migration

I have finally moved the Quake Expo 2011 site to the main CMS. The reason is that the expo has been originally built on a bespoke CMS, which in 2018 has lots of flaws and vulnerabilities. The content is better organized, better indexed and easier to find. If you want to see how the original

Quake Expo 2011 goes live!

And it’s live! I removed the countdown as there might be timezone differences. 6 hours (GMT) before the opening, there are 90 members and only 45 booths. Hopefully this will change in the next days (if not hours).


During the past weeks, the QExpo got promoted on various gaming forums, Quake (1, 2 and 3) communities and modding sites. PlanetQuake announced the event 2 weeks ago, and we were featured on international forums, such as Quake Gate (RU). Speedmodding, tournaments, mapping and fiction writing events are waiting for modders, developers, players, mappers and writers. There are some

The Beginning

The Quake Expo 2011 is official, but closed to the public until June 19th. The word has been spread, everyone is attending and booths get opened every day (and night)! I took the advice and feedback I’ve gotten the last few weeks and I improved some aspects of the QExpo. Faster loading, more screen space