May 21, 2021

End of an Era

Well, another era. It’s been a while since I contributed to QuakeWiki and I feel I abandoned it. But it’s not abandoned. It’s just there, in a corner, on the top shelf. Or the bottom shelf. I haven’t put it in a box yet. I won’t put it in a box, as Quake has always been my go-to game. My go-to atmosphere and my go-to level design. There’s something about it. If you are reading this, then you know.

I am going to restructure and reorganize some things around here, such as the PlanetQuake archives. Right now they are there, just as I mirrored them in 2009. Did you hear that? 2009…

The archives have been mirrored in various states on various websites, the biggest one being Spirit’s Quaddicted. That is also a website that is going to be there for a while. So, my thoughts are to take each mirrored archive and extract anything of interest — screenshots, stories, fun stuff, documentation (who’s really using it, anyway?) and other content of interest. I know it’s a very small audience, but still, it’s my pleasure.

Also, whenever I see the archived sites, the design brings back so many memories: the background images, the animated GIFs, the dithered images, the small banner buttons (or whatever they were called), the “sliding doors” buttons, the fonts, the colours, again, you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve been in and out of the level design industry and I am going back, this time as a “watcher”. I don’t have time to create levels anymore. I’ve been playing with WebQuake recently and trying to learn a bit of WebGL and ThreeJS. I’m a a senior JavaScript developer, so it’s an interesting combination. I like old-school level design, low resolution textures and classic Quake. So I’ll keep posting interesting level design shots, links, reviews, new (and old) Quake levels that caught my eye, and then I’ll also post…

Actually, no more promises. Let’s leave it at that. Check back here in a few days (or weeks), see what’s new, see what’s going on.

What would you like to see here? Or to read?

Image credit: Scampie Q1SP – Dead Memories

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