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This page will automatically grab all new episodes as they are posted. I will eventually add pagination when this page starts getting long. I can easily dump a thread at the bottom of the page if people want to comment. I also created a local version that you can download and open in the browser from...
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“Recursion” breaks the format of revisiting previously unreachable areas, by having you hunt within a branched hub for runes which completely restart the level. Once the player has all four runes, the exit becomes available. Recursion: by Andrew Yoder “Recursion” breaks the format...
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Search And Rescue (search-based learning)
Article by MadGypsy I am going to teach you how to teach yourself. It’s supposedly a “fact” that you have to tell someone something 7 times before they officially commit it to memory, so, I’m going to make this tutorial 7 repetitions.First of all, I am using Notepad++ for...
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Out Of Time
OOT is a unity project by community member Mr. Burns. The project is a FPS style game with a temporal element to it. It requires the player, a soldier with training in “special” forces, to go on missions as directed by “the elders”. The player will be challenged to identify powerful dark enemy...
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Quake Eargasm
Quake Eargasm is a recreation of Quake sounds by community member ChristianIce. It uses the original sources and the same sound libraries that id used. It has been re-edited with longer loops and better EQs. Now Quake can be enjoyed with its original mood but without the frequencies below 4000 Hz. Quake...
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Wad Studio
Wad Studio v0.5 is a simple wad viewer that aspires to be more in the future. Upcoming features will include add/remove/save functionality. Eventually you will even be able to draw but, it will be a little while before this is possible. Wad Studio v0.5
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Meats is a funky little mdl viewer with a small toolbox of features. You can play/pause/seek animations, turn on/off shadows and take screenshots. You can also cycle through a small collection of skyboxes and even change the player’s skin. Meats: MDL Viewer Meats is a funky little mdl...
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Qore is a Quake 1 modification by TheKillingJoke. Qore uses clouds, trails and decals of blood to create the most brutal atmosphere possible. Monsters may lose limbs from your attacks, get caught in a pain loop, go into a rampage and/or explode. Qore Qore is a Quake 1 modification by TheKillingJoke....
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QUMP (Quake Upstart Mapping Project) is a collaborative effort from quake community members which have mostly never made a map before. Some of the maps are earlier works by now-established mappers. Qump QUMP (Quake Upstart Mapping Project) is a collaborative effort from quake community members...
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