March 27, 2013

Quake 1 Maps Blueprints

I won’t be able to complete my chosen map remake for the Schism project as I’ve promised, but I found a bunch of high resolution map blueprints for all Quake 1 singleplayer and multiplayer maps.

maps_e4m8.bsp maps_end.bsp maps_start.bsp maps_dm1.bsp maps_dm2.bsp maps_dm3.bsp maps_dm4.bsp maps_dm5.bsp maps_dm6.bsp maps_e1m1.bsp maps_e1m2.bsp maps_e1m3.bsp maps_e1m4.bsp maps_e1m5.bsp maps_e1m6.bsp maps_e1m7.bsp maps_e1m8.bsp maps_e2m1.bsp maps_e2m2.bsp maps_e2m3.bsp maps_e2m4.bsp maps_e2m5.bsp maps_e2m6.bsp maps_e2m7.bsp maps_e3m1.bsp maps_e3m2.bsp maps_e3m3.bsp maps_e3m4.bsp maps_e3m5.bsp maps_e3m6.bsp maps_e3m7.bsp maps_e4m1.bsp maps_e4m2.bsp maps_e4m3.bsp maps_e4m4.bsp maps_e4m5.bsp maps_e4m6.bsp maps_e4m7.bsp

Source: http://www.benryves.com/

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