July 12, 2018

QRe Reboot

QRe Reboot v3

I found this old post about a long dead project of mine. I’m making it public now, in case someone might find it useful.

QuakeC source (GitHub)


  • /ID1/
  • /kleshik/ (based on r121)
  • darkplaces.exe


  • QuArK
  • Q3Map2


  • A huge structure, a combination of metal, rust and ice, in the middle of a frozen sea.

Q3Map2 compile options:


-vis -fs_basepath "F:\OpenQuartz2\openquartz2_0_4"

-light -fs_game id1 -fs_basepath "F:\OpenQuartz2\openquartz2_0_4" -dirty -dark -deluxe -dirtdepth 64 -dirtmode 1 -dirtscale 2 -shade -samplesize 4 -bounce 2 -samples 16

  • Omit -bounce 2 -samples 16 for a quick preview test.
  • Use -fs_game id1 and do not use quotes, otherwise shaders/texture sizes will be unavailable/invalid.

Game menu

  • Requires engine coding, using Code::Blocks.
  • Font

Game HUD

  • Requires CSQC coding.

Demo map

  • Requires some map editor


Unknown year, isolated base at the edge of the world (maybe snow covered). Explorers have a home base and they try to explore every day to find a way back to civilisation or to find resources. Post-apocalyptic.

Inspiration dump

Sea platform #1
Credit: https://www.mapcore.org/topic/1302-wip-in-wip-post-your-level-screenshots/?page=697#entry338116

Sea platform #2
Credit: https://www.mapcore.org/topic/1302-wip-in-wip-post-your-level-screenshots/?page=694#entry336886

Snowed-in warehouse

The Massive graphic novel





Ideas dump

Let the user peek outside and see the sky and the helipads. Modular corridors. Doom textures for level designers. Redemption screen. An adventure, exploration, resource collecting game where you cruise with your boat in edge of ice field. World will be set somewhere in future after every possible catastrophe has come true. There are small groups of people who cruise with boats, collect old stuff and listen to an old radio playing. Doom 3 – Lost Facility. Huge, above-water, metal structure, resembling an oil-platform. Doom sprites and textures. Half-life textures. Wad archive. Wads at Quaddicted. Health (as food, drink, medicine). XP points (credits). Find things (like shells, metal, coins). Batteries.

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