June 18, 2011

Mapping Progress – Mini SP Start Map

This map is the beginning of a great journey. After getting through the portal, a new world awaits!

This is the current progress for the start map:

The main idea is to use no more than 10 textures for this intro level, and have some smart progress going on. Some textures are temporary, I’m currently using Ruohis’ pack, but I’ll have to recreate all textures myself.

Wonderful things can happen inside a map, and details are what a great map needs.


I have resumed work on the start map, enhancing it a bit and adding more details. I have returned to classic Quake for the mapping part, trying to improve the map as much as possible before moving it to Darkplaces (Q3BSP).

Lessons learned:

  1. You cannot share faces if one of the brushes is at a different angle.
  2. minlight in worldspawn does not work with Darkplaces’ realtime lighting.
  3. Optimize brushes (combine, stretch, replace).
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