December 9, 2010

Stripping down DarkPlaces

I took a break from QuakeC customization and moved to engine coding. My little experience lead me to learn a bit of C in order to mess with the DarkPlaces source.

What I actually need is the power of DarkPlaces without the unnecessary mods compatibility and old Quake functions such as demos, CD playing routines and more.

So, before starting to optimize the code to suit my needs, I removed the following code:

  • Removed all external games references (Transfusion, Defeat in Detail, Blood, a.s.o.).
  • Removed all Zymotic model references.
  • Removed all Prydon (cursor and data) references.
  • Removed EF_SELECTABLE.
  • Removed all Tenebrae references.
  • Removed all Nehahra references (way too many!).
  • Removed all Nexuiz references.
  • Removed all Rogue references.
  • Removed all Hipnotic references.
  • Removed video capture (avi and ogg).
  • Removed stereo 3D view.
  • Removed demo functions and references.

I’m going to strip down more code and keep only what I need. I must say there’s a lot of code to remove in order to have a clean DP build, ready for QuakeC modding and level design.

This is basically a developer’s log and I’ll add here my progress. ChipQuake has reached version 0.1-dev.

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