December 15, 2010

More DarkPlaces Stripping Adventures

I spent this afternoon stripping more unnecessary code from DarkPlaces.

Today I have removed all demo references, as it’s an obsolete feature. One could easily implement video cutscenes to the engine. The demo functions and references were scattered all over the code, and I found some hacky stuff for timedemo benchmarks. It’s all gone now.

Another feature I started tracing and marking for deletion is the subtitle function. Again, this is supposed to be used with the demo feature, but my plans for the engine do not include these features.

More code stripping will follow, and it will involve the removal of r_bloom (not r_hdr HDR bloom), CD playing features (along with bgmvolume functions) and the editlights function and references.

DarkPlaces, as an engine, does a damn good job at enhancing Quake, but for a clean Quake 1 experience, targeted modification and custom QuakeC programming, I need a basic, stripped down DP engine. I won’t be removing the eye candy features, I will only optimize them and keep only what I need.

Oh, did I tell you I made some changes to the GLSL offsetreliefmapping code and gained 2 frames in my test map?

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  1. jt_ Says:

    I’m not sure how demos are an obsolete feature. Maybe for cutscenes, but for making actual demos/speedruns/&c, they work fine. Could you elaborate on that?

  2. Chip Says:

    Yes, I can elaborate (and I hate this black on gray comments feature).

    I’m stripping down DarkPlaces for my own mod/game. I’m not going to make demos or speedruns. If I need a demo I’ll just use Fraps or something similar.

    So, what I need is a clean version of DarkPlaces to start building upon and adding features.


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