January 14, 2010

Future vs. Fantasy

Future vs. Fantasy Quake, FvF for short, is an add-on to Quake, a highly customizable game created by id Software. FvF exists as a data file that does not modify Quake’s original files so you don’t have to worry about it corrupting any of your original Quake saved games or original data files. FvF works completely as both a single player or multi-player game (deathmatch and co-op).

We at FreeForm Interactive had a goal in mind… to create a role-playing game (RPG) that would give everyone a chance to experience a style of character that best suited them. No two gamers are really alike and despite Quake’s main character’s arsenal and strengths, we felt that it just wasn’t enough. FvF encourages players to find a niche in playing style that allows players maximum flexibility in single or teamplay.

In FvF, you are allowed to select your character type, or class, from a cast of generic characters that range from magical fantasy: mages, fighters, etc. and sci-fi future: laser androids, cyborgs, etc. The original Quake character is a selectable class, left unaltered, and is classified as future. Each class has an entirely different set of weapons and abilities, thus FvF has 80 different weapons overall. WOW!

FvF is superior to other patches because of its drastic differences in player classes. We tried very hard to test and maintain balances between the player characters but still give each a unique feel. We hope that truly, no one character is really TOO powerful and no one character is really TOO weak. For example, the Ninja is quick, silent, and has several techniques for escaping including teleportation. Players can use him to assassinate particular key opponents or scouting and is well suited for the type of player who enjoys these kinds of activities. However, overall, a Ninja’s weapons are not the most powerful but in the hands of a seasoned can be formidable indeed. On the other hand, a Cyborg Camper is big and clunky but has powerful ranged weapons that are great for destroying larger groups of people (we know how they like to just stand there and twiddle their thumbs). It has very little finesse but for people who are “finesseless”, it is a perfect character. We are confident that there is a character type and set of weapons for just about every style of player.

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  • Version: 4.0
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-11-25
  • Updated: 1997-11-26
  • Author: Freeform Interactive
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