January 2, 2010


I noticed quite a few aircraft-type addons popping up here and there, many of them (according to deacc) were using large portions of the original acbeta source. Back then I was still working on the aircraft, so I didn’t consider a source release. (I feel sorry for those poor guys that were modifying the original Aircraft using deacc’s output.)

I decided to spend an evening cleaning up the aircraft source and getting it near mass-consumable. I know that I just won’t have the time or willpower to work on this particular project anymore, but I certainly hope that some folks out there may be able to learn from what I’ve done. I only wish the source were in better shape. I was just digging through it, commenting some stuff and noticing how garish most of the source is. Mainly because I’d leave the aircraft stuff sitting around for 2 months or more while I worked on other things and I’d lose track of where I was. Here are a few quick guidelines that may help you make more efficient use of this heap of addled code:

DEFS.QC and AIRCRAFT.QC are the two most heavily commented files. Read through them and get a feel for what’s going on before you start making major changes. There are minor patches here and there in many files, but AIRCRAFT.QC is the file that contains 85% of all the code you’ll be interested in.

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