January 2, 2010


This is a “total conversion” with players replaced by fighter planes and other military vehicles, and monsters replaced by similar vehicles or ground artillery. Since this also means all the maps need to be done specifically for AirQuake, it is a very total conversion indeed.

This is not trying to be a hard-core realistic simulator, rather than a 3D action game with some simulator-like features. The controls etc are very simple, as you’ll see. This doesn’t mean the enemies are easy to kill though. They have as good weapons as you.

AirQuake features

These are the currently planned features for AirQuake. (*) Means it is not yet fully implemented (or used..).

– Easy controlling of otherwise complicated flying physics.
– Chase cam.
– Hud-like targeting system to show locked targets.
– Several different planes.
– Helicopters.
– Different weapons in different planes.
– Ground vehicles – tanks, mobile SAM launchers, etc.
– AA artillery – static SAM’s, AA cannons.
– Radars linked to SAM sites.
– Team game with bases to be destroyed.
– Destroyable buildings.
– Cool death section for planes.
– A lot of cool maps. (*only 4 so far)
– Various mission types for single player / co-op. (*not yet in levels)
– Drone fighters for target practise.
– AI fighters for single player / co-op.
– “Cutscenes” for single player to show the mission target before each mission. (*only in aircity)

Extra statistic features:
– More QC code than in original Quake
– More models than in original Quake
– More more more ;-)

The TC is still pretty much unfinished… This update after a year’s silence was just to quickly fix some bugs cos I was bored. I’m not planning to work on it anymore or anything, so don’t send me any ideas or stuff.

AirQuake instructions

Installing AirQuake:

1. Create a subdirectory airquake/ under Quake. For example, type “md airquake” while in Quake directory.
2. Unzip AirQuake files (first Airq102.zip and then Airq103p.zip) into the new dir.
3. Start game by typing: “quake -game airquake +map air1”. This starts the example level.
4. After you’ve got enough of that level, type into console: “map air2” to see the better one. ;-)
5. Type “demos” into console to see two demos… The second is a landing course.

Playing the game

The autoexec.cfg that is included in AirQuake, has a key setup that has all controls bound to keyboard and mouse. In these instructions, I’ll refer to the keys in this configuration file, AND to what commands they perform (so you can set up your own autoexec.cfg if you need). For example:
Key Q (+freelook)
means the key Q, that is bound to command “+freelook” in the autoexec.cfg. You can bind keys by typing for example:
bind x “+lookleft”
in the console. Press the tilde key (~) to get into console. In the autoexec.cfg, the same line would be:
bind “x” “+lookleft”

Plane controls:

Mouse (+mlook is on by default):
Move your mouse to look around. The pilot (your alter ego) will turn the plane where you look. Simple, isn’t it? The left mouse button (+attack) fires your current weapon, and the right mouse button (+jump) uses the “special ability” of your plane. The “special ability” is plane spesific, it may be afterburner or stealth mode or whatever.
Helicopters move a bit differently. Simply, when you tilt the chopper with mouse, it moves… Right mouse button is used for moving while in freelook mode.
Number keys 1-4 (impulse 1 – impulse 4):
These select your weapon. The weapons with lowest numbers are smaller, and the ones with higher numbers are bigger. (From autocannon to mavericks for example)
Key 5 (impulse 5): Drop a flare. For incoming missiles…
Key 6 (impulse 6): Toggle weapon model big/small/off.
Key 7 (impulse 7): Decrease throttle.
Key 8 (impulse 8): Increase throttle.
Key 9 (impulse 9): Toggle Missile camera.
Key 0 (impulse 10): Change vehicle when stopped at rearm/repair spot with 100% health.
Key W (+freelook):
Makes your plane fly straight and level, while you look around. This can be efficiently used in firing missiles to ground targets below (or air targets on your sides), if your plane is equipped with “helm sight” system. Also, the tank’s turret turns where you look at with freelook…
Key Z (+cczoomin): Zoom in the chase camera.
Key X (+cczoomout): Zoom out the chase camera.
Key C (liftcam): Move the camera upward. 5 different positions.
Key E (lockturret): Locks the turrets etc to the current direction… Useful for screenshots. ;-)

Other keys:

While you’re dead or before you start, you can press numbers to select a new plane. Pressing special button (+jump) restarts with the selected plane. You can’t select vehicles that are not available in the map’s player starts. Fire button changes the view to look at your teammates. The view change doesn’t work in non-teamplay deathmatch.

AirQuake screenshots

Tei has updated this mod to 24 bits text, md2/3ds imported models, and custom engine (TeiQ).

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    I don’t have any more Airquake maps. Would you like to contribute and send all your maps so I can upload them on this page?

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    I have a number of Airquake maps, where can I put them?


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