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4Way [WiP]
AdmerPostSeptember 1, 2019, 13:59
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December 31, 2017, 23:20
Normal topic4Way [WiP]

Oh hell yeah, I’m going to work on this thing again:

LOTS of room for improvement, man, did my mapping skills grow since 2016.

In-editor shots:

It’s a lengthy map containing a bunch of areas. ?
You start in an airplane, you jump down and land on the ground. You fight your way through, nothing special, and you eventually destroy the castle or something, I dunno. I don’t remember every detail too well, but it’s all written somewhere.
I first posted progress and stuff on Q1, so I decided to port the thread here. What I like about Quake mapping is that you can do really really fast brushwork without worrying much about things, and that’s how this map was built, mostly.

Yeah. It’s not small. ?
I’m surprised that it even managed to compile in just under 10 minutes on my 2007 laptop. Now with my new PC, I’ll be more efficient than before. I just have to find time to work on this map very actively, and that’s going to be summer, so I’ll be working on my school map and this map at the same time, so as I’m working on the school map, I’ll bring textures over to 4Way. I might end up converting 4Way to a mod one day. One day. Maybe. Modding Quake is faster than anything else I’ve modded. Far Cry and Source-engine games are slow to mod.

This map is being made in J.A.C.K., compiled with TyrUtils (Eric’s fork), and being tested in Mark V. I’ll test it on various sourceports to make sure it’s compatible. The only known bug is that teleports don’t work except in Darkplaces (how contrasting, since I don’t like Darkplaces – I reached 3fps in vanilla Quake in that one, even with the graphical fancy things turned off).

I’ve also included a compiled BSP as an attachment if anyone is interested enough to try this out, but it’s nothing special at the moment.

Thank you very much. If I could only use my PC for 36h non-stop, I would finish this map, but alas, it’ll take me longer. :/

I don’t quite know how to solve this bug yet, but there has to be something about the teleport’s properties.

I’ll likely start working on this around March, to take a break from Half-Life modding and stuff. ?

My deadline will probably be May or June, because then I’ll go head-on into finishing my school map, and I promised my classmates I’d finish it by the end of summer.

About 4Way, what’s left to do is to make the third part of the map, that is the destruction of the castle, maybe a boss fight. And then, I’ll begin detailing the map because this stuff is so unfinished. And lol, I’m using only like… 20 unique textures or so.

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