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A quake1_5 themed weapon replacement mod
LatchfordPostSeptember 1, 2019, 14:34
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September 1, 2019, 13:37
Normal topicA quake1_5 themed weapon replacement mod


link: this is the file


is it quake 1.5 for quakespasm?

I tell you now, right off the bat, its not.
so dont expect all the gibbing and explosion effects, theres no kicking, brutalizing and certainly none of the fancy maps or new enemies.
hell I cant even get the axe model to be accepted by quakespasm at all!
so to clarify; its not quake1.5 for quakespasm.
its a weapon ‘skin’ mod for quake.

so, why then?
so quake1.5 wont run in quakespasm engine.
thats a given.
its built for darkplaces and thats how it works.

but the new weapons are so nice I felt they needed to be added to quakespasm somehow.

so how?
after much dicking around I’ve found that the ‘centred’ versions of the weapons will function in quakespasm.
a simple matter of re-positioning, add the pick-up models for weapons and ammo, port over the sounds (fixing the stereo to mono issue for nailgun and supernailgun .wavs) and bingo!

so its nothing special, just a weapons mod for quakespasm with the flavour of quake1.5!

all credit to bloodshot (for the quake1.5 resources) and seven (for the progs.dat from his ‘weapons moved to right side’ mod)

screenshot, because why not?

yeah its nothing you’ve not seen better in quake1.5 already but its a screenshot and I know I’ll be asked for one if I don’t put one in!


Oh, and If someone can make a quakespasm  compatible quake1.5 v_axe model, you let me know eh? ?

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