April 28, 2011

Quake Expo 2011

Quake Expo 2011

Quake Expo is a community event for developers, players and enthusiasts of Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 3, held to celebrate the games, present ongoing or finished projects to the general public, organize multiplayer events, speedmodding contests and come together to discuss various aspects of the games.

Quake Expo 2011 was held June 19-25, 2011!

It was my utmost pleasure to be able to host it and be part of this wonderful event.

See the booth babes!

Quake Expo 2011. An interesting experience for me, the first QExpo I’ve organized and the first QExpo to have a booth. An incomplete one, showcasing my tiny project. I did it because I cared. I did it because I love Quake. Not for exposure – I’m quite a shy person – not for advertisement.

I never took part in a QExpo before so I didn’t know much about the involvement of the community. In this case, in the months and weeks prior to the opening, support was a bit weak, and everyone wanted to do something, like a movie, or a logo or some marketing materials.

Moon[Drunk] did the logo, which I’d like to have as a 3D model so I can put it inside a map and make it a special item. Thank you Moon[Drunk]. His booth showcased a new texture pack for Scourge of Armagon mission pack. gothiccandy did two movies and uploaded them to Youtube. Great job there.

Read the whole closing article on the Quake Expo page!

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  1. qbism Says:

    Was wondering if archiving of qexpo with external links (images and zip files) could be considered. If enough host space etc. It would prevent future broken links. Thanks!

  2. Chip Says:

    Good idea! I’ll make a tour of all the booths and add the external files locally.

  3. Aquashark Says:

    am fost placut surprins sa vad ca un roman se ocupa de site-ul asta.

    credeam ca sunt probabil singurul care colectioneaza harti, mod-uri etc. de Quake1 si QuakeWorld. eram foarte pasionat de seria asta in perioada 1999-2007, am avut la un moment dat si o mica scena de QW multiplayer.

    so what’s your story? i’m genuinely curious :)


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