November 24, 2009

2010 Projects

Welcome again to QuakeWiki.net! Check out the current projects on the left menu, or visit the archives.

Project 1

I took over OpenQuartz and started to create a fork of it. It will feature photorealistic textures, improved effects and GPL’d content.

Project 2

The second project is based on DarkPlaces engine and features powerful CSQC effects. It is a survival game, might have some horror accents to it, but that’s all. No more details.

Project 3

The third project is the completion of the former PlanetQuake sites archiving. Also, a lot of content from other sources will join the archives.

I finally managed to take a hold of it, and I started working on the projects. It will be a tedious work, but I’m determined to do it. Follow the updates on the site to see what’s new.

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