October 1, 2012


  • effect NAME // unique desired name of the effect
  • type alphastatic/static/spark/beam/rain/raindecal/snow/bubble/blood/decal/entityparticle // type of particle to spawn (defines some aspects of behavior)
  • count f // total count of particles to create
  • countabsolute f // absolute total particles to ever create
  • color h h (HEX) // range of colors to choose from in hex RRGGBB (like HTML color tags), randomly interpolated at spawn
  • tex i i // a random texture is chosen in this range (note the second value is one past the last choosable

// so for example 8,16 chooses any from 8 up and including 15) if start and end of the range are the same
// no randomization is done

  • size start end timescale (floats) // range of size values randomly chosen when spawning
  • sizeincrease f // size increase over time
  • alpha start end ? // range of alpha values randomly chosen when spawning, plus alpha fade
  • time f f // how long the particle should live (note it is also removed if alpha drops to 0)
  • gravity f // how much gravity affects this particle (negative makes it fly up!)
  • bounce f // how much bounce the particle has when it hits a surface, if negative the particle is removed on impact
  • airfriction f // if in air this friction is applied, if negative the particle accelerates
  • liquidfriction f // if in liquid (water/slime/lava) this friction is applied, if negative the particle accelerates
  • originoffset x y z // origin offset from the original origin
  • velocityoffset x y z // velocity offset from the original velocity
  • originjitter x y z // random origin for the particle to be spawned at
  • velocityjitter x y z // random velocity for the particle to have
  • velocitymultiplier x // velocity multiplier
  • lightradius f // an effect can also spawn a dlight, light radius
  • lightradiusfade f // light falloff
  • lighttime f // duration of the light
  • lightcolor r g b (floats) // light colour
  • lightshadow i // if the light casts shadows
  • lightcubemapnum i // cubemap to use for the light
  • underwater // effect is for underwater only
  • notunderwater // effect is for out of water only
  • trailspacing f // causes the particle to spawn in an evenly spaced line from originmins to originmaxs (causing them to describe a trail, not a box)