October 1, 2012

FRIK FILE Precaches



This code was used for the purpose of making a “scripted” game, where the game is customized through non-quakec means. There are other reasons this is useful though.

Extensions Used



// You should call this function from the worldspawn() function.

void() FRIK_FILE_precaches =
	local float f;                                      // file handle, basically assigns a number to whatever file is open
	local string ln;                                    // ln = line of the file being read
	f = fopen("system/precache.txt", FILE_READ);        // opens "system/precache.txt" to be read
	if (f != -1)                                        // if f = -1 then the file could not be found
		ln = fgets(f);                              // this line sets ln to the string read from the file with the file handle of f
		while(ln != string_null)                    // while there is still text to be read do the following
			if(strstrofs(ln, ".wav",0) != -1)   // this checks if the file extension is .wav for a sound file
				precache_sound(ln);         // if it is a sound, then it precaches said sound
			else                                // if it isn't a sound, then it will most likely be a model
				precache_model(ln);         // so precache the model
			ln = fgets(f);                      // get a new line from the file
	fclose(f);                                          // when the while loop is over (no lines left in file) close file with the handle f


Code by GiffE