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BloodShot+Talisa SSG
TalisaPostJuly 24, 2018, 23:19
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July 22, 2018, 00:35
Normal topicBloodShot+Talisa SSG

this model was brought to you through a collaberation between me and BloodShot.
BloodShot made the model, i UV-mapped & textured the model and animated it for use in darkplaces

0:00-0:22 hud SSG without normals
0:22-0:45 hud SSG with normals
0:45-1:09 ground SSG without normals
1:09-1:33 ground SSG with normals


model by bloodshot. UV-mapping, textures, shaders & animations were all done by me

the SSG is compatible with the Q3quad effect from seven's SMC


2014-09-04 v1.21- made stock look bit more gritty and added scratches to it
2014-09-03 v1.2- added normal-maps to the model which really make the reflect pop and look more real!
2014-08-29 v1.11- also added reflect and gloss to the pickup version of the weapon
2014-08-29 v1.1- added reflect-shader to the barrels, and added gloss-maps

GuestPostJuly 25, 2018, 00:22
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Nice UV-mapping and texturing skills. What are the requirements to make a model compatible with the quad effect? Does it have to be uv-mapped following some specific pattern or what exactly?

TalisaPostJuly 25, 2018, 01:03
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July 22, 2018, 00:35
Normal topicReply To: BloodShot+Talisa SSG

to make a weapon-model compatible with the Q3quad effect from seven's SMC,
the view-weapon model needs to have a second skin added to it.

in case of an MDL model, this can be done easily in qme or any MDL-editor by simply duplicating the main skin.

in the case of an MD3 model, a format which doesnt support embedded skins,
a .skin file must be used instead which must be placed in the progs folder.
skin-files are actually plain text-files that tell the engine to replace the regular textures with the Q3A quad-effect lightning-texture for 2nd skin

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