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HIPNOTIC – rain & fog for maps (requires SMC)
TalisaPostAugust 5, 2019, 00:00
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July 22, 2018, 00:35
Normal topicHIPNOTIC – rain & fog for maps (requires SMC)

seven, roy batty and daniocampo1992 have made great .ent rain and fog files for ID1 which i love using,
and i decided to extend on them by make ent-files to add rain&fog for all of MP1 SoA maps


START – command HQ (fixes by seven)

HIP1M1 – the pumping station
HIP1M2 – storage facility
HIP1M3 – the lost mines v1.1 (added flying ash effect where there’s lava)
HIP1M4 – research facility v1.1 (fixed part before exit-gate which i missed)
HIP1M5 – military complex v1.11 (v1.1-fixed some missing pieces webangel pointed out and added a missing part. v1.11-fixed another leak)

EPISODE1 PACK v1.02 (updated the pack with HIP1M3 v1.1)
complete episode1 + the start map, packed as pk3 for easy use, just put it in your hipnotic folder to use


HIP2M1 – ancient realms
HIP2M2 – the black cathedral v1.2 (fixed a typo in the ash which caused ash to spawn where it shouldnt)
HIP2M3 – the catacombs
HIP2M4 – the crypt v1.1 (added rain at 2 spots which i overlooked)
HIP2M5 – mortum’s keep
HIP2M6 – the gremlin’s domain

EPISODE2 PACK v1.02 (updated the pack with the fixed HIP2M4)
packed as pk3 for easy use, just drop into your hipnotic folder to use


HIP3M1 – tur torment
HIP3M2 – pandemonium
HIP3M3 – limbo
HIP3M4 – the gauntlet >no windows or such, so no rain needed for this map
HIPEND – armagon’s lair

packed as pk3 for easy use, just drop into your hipnotic folder to use it


to use any of the .ent files, drop them in hipnoticmaps, and if needed rename to start.ent or hip1m1.ent, hip1m2.ent etc.
when i got any episodes done, ill put all rain-maps for each episode in a pk3 file for easy use

feel free to comment, constructive criticism on if you find any leakages or points where i could improve,
or perhaps even places i forgot (you never know, mightve overseen spots) is more then welcome and very much appreciated!

IMPORTANT NOTE: these ent-files require seven’s small mod compilation plus the version of his SMC for MP1 installed for the rain to work!
if you dont have these installed the rain will not work and just cause darkplaces to crash on trying to load up a map!

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