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OSJC's angled 'authentic' weapons for quakespasm
LatchfordPostSeptember 1, 2019, 14:40
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September 1, 2019, 13:37
Normal topicOSJC's angled 'authentic' weapons for quakespasm

so this is the OSJC angled ‘authentic’ models pack

mostly based on sevens original  weapons-moved to-the-right-side mod (damn what a catchy name that was) this uses his progs.dat from that but this one includes the nicer ‘authentic’ but improved weapons models created by da warecat and plague (gl and rl) now all angled for that duke3d/quake2 feel that we’ve all come to love. I look at it like this; you can see more of the model this way so why not angle them?


the pack includes grenade, nails, rocket, weapon view and weapon world models.

for a bit of variety there is also (separate to the main pack) an angled version of the bloodshot q1.5 gl reskin I did for those that like it more than plagues gl with my reskin…

as this is only tested in quakespasm I cannot say how the thunderbolt beam will look in other engines… so dont moan about it! LOL


version2 is up for grabs: here

this version is slightly less dramatic on shift to the right and as such does not really require a progs.dat. (yeah ok, the sng nail angle looks a little off but its not really worth worrying about)

heres the preview shot

just an fyi I started replaying soa this week and have elected to update the angled weapons pack (v2) with angled view models for laser and proxlauncher.
see op for link! or use this one.
the laser uses the classic model, the proxgun is an edit of the dwere model with talisa’s prox skin (albeit heavily edited by me to further extenuate the illusion of curved surfaces and edges that are not actually on the model).
as an added bonus I’ve created a new skin for SimonOC’s gl world model to represent the proxlauncher pickup:

mainly because I’m not at all fond of dwere’s gl pickup and because I’ve used simonOC’s model on the gl in this pak so, yeah, it matches now!

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