April 16, 2010

MD3 To MDL Converter

Here’s a handy little tool for people who want to make models for Quake 1, mostly aimed at people who can work in tools like Max or Maya, but are stuck without an easy way to get their work from these tools into .mdl format.

This command line program takes a very simple text file, along with a .md3 file and optionally a skin, and outputs a .mdl file which should resemble the original .md3 model. This tool isn’t designed to be the ultimate .mdl file creator, it’s  probably best used in conjuction with a dedicated .mdl editor like qME. But hopefully with an .md3 file designed carefully enough you will be able to use the output straight away.

Run the tool with the command line md3tomdl <textfile>, where <textfile> is replaced by the name of the command file you just wrote. In seconds the model should be written. That’s all there is to it, unless you want to look at the source!

Included with the tool are:

  • ogre.txt
  • ogre.md3
  • ogreblood.pcx

If you place these in the directory with md3tomdl.exe, try runing md3tomdl ogre.txt. You should get an ogre.mdl out, although this version of it lacks the pain and death animations.

A tool by Preach.

Download: [Download not found]

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