February 8, 2010

OpenQuartz 2

Open Quartz was a project to supply GPL’ed artwork in the form of PAK and WAD files to create a fully GPL game based around the GPL’ed Quake sourcecode. This includes models, maps, sound effects and textures.

Open Quartz stopped however on August 1st, 2004, the date of the last available package.

OpenQuartz 2 is the next generation GPL content, being Open Quartz’s sequel. OpenQuartz 2 will provide fully GPL’ed textures, sound effects, fonts and graphics for the original Quake 1 game. The latest events regarding Quake 1 revitalization, and the QSB, drove me to start releasing this Open Quartz sequel.

Download latest version: [Download not found]

Version 0.3

  • cleaned up QC sources (both progs and frikbot)
  • changed all .lmp files inside /gfx/ folder with .png files
  • added devkit for most of /gfx/ files (Photoshop .psd format)
  • added some missing .dlls

Version 0.2 (downloaded 19 times)

  • updated frikbot to 0.10.2
  • updated progs to 1.06

Here is the last known original Open Quartz release:

Version 0.2

  • updated frikbot to 0.10.2
  • updated progs to 1.06Version 0.2
  • updated frikbot to 0.10.2
  • updated progs to 1.06

Download “Open Quartz”

open-quartz-20040801.zip – Downloaded 1245 times – 8.47 MB

Download “OpenQuartz 2”

openquartz2_0_3.zip – Downloaded 42776 times – 9.93 MB
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  1. qbism Says:

    Have you checked out OQ Plus?

  2. Chip Says:

    Of course I know about leilei’s OQ Plus. I just want my own fork, with several improvements, and 2010 updates. I also want to remove several Quake specific stuff.

    EDIT: By removing I mean hardcoded stuff, .bin files, .lmp files, .pcx and .wad files and replace them with their modern corresponding formats.

  3. mdk137 Says:

    excellent initiative, Chip, but has a bug in this last release. When I run openquartz2.exe appears a error message informando the lack of the MSVCR100.dll.

    Replacing openquartz2.exe for Darkplaces.exe such message does not occur.

  4. Chip Says:

    I have the same bug when trying to use it on my 64bit machine. It’s a build issue, which might be fixed with the next release.

  5. Cire Says:

    Work on Open Quartz didn’t stop Auguest 1st, 2004. The last commit on the source repository was November 23, 2006. You should base Open Quartz 2 on that instead. http://www.ohloh.net/p/openquartz/commits

  6. Ciprian Says:

    I know, this article was written a long time ago, and it’s inactive anyway. I don’t have the necessary time to work on it. Thanks, anyway.


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