January 2, 2010

5th Element DM

This is a PAK file with new weapons, new weapon effects and new sounds.

From the original readme.txt file:

“Thanks for downloadin The 5th Element PC DM mod. I know this isn’t what you were expecting but something big came up, I’m moving to the West Coast and won’t have the resources to finish the TC for a couple of years until I return, hopefully though the Trinity Engine will be just around the corner anyway and I can do a real awesome TC as it was meant to be anyway. The Quake Community hasn’t heard the last of Nate!!!

This first release does not contain any new maps or textures.”

5th Element DM (957 downloads )
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Mod Information

  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1997-10-31
  • Updated: 1997-10-31
  • Author: NateDog
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? No

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