October 3, 2010

Air Strike

A very neat feature in C&C : Red Alert if you play the Russian side is that, you can build MIGs and then call for an air strike upon enemy’s units and structures.

An idea stuck me when I was playing C&C : RA the other day, that I could create an Air Strike patch for Quake that reproduce the above situation, so I did.

To call for an air strike, you’ll need 60 shells, enter Impulse 190 to throw a coordinator, once it land on floor, it’ll  become the target of the jet fighters to strafe upon.

You’ll see three F16 Fighting Falcons fly over the target, one at a time, strafe on the floor while they fly over the target.

If any of the fighter spot any thing that moves near the target, it’ll launch its missiles against the target. Each figher carries 2 missiles.

If you have thrown the coordinator into an invalid location, such as a gap right next to a wall, the call for the air strike will be cancelled, and shells will be returned to you upon cancalations of air strike calls. Each cancelled Falcon will return 20 shells to you, if all three jets are cancelled, a total of 60 shells will be returned.

Imagine using this patch in a CTF game, instead of rushing into an enemy base and get killed, you can now throw an air strike coordinator into the enemy’s base, and let the fighter soften the enemy base before you enter it yourself.

Air Strike (1406 downloads )
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  • Released: 1997-03-01
  • Updated: 1997-03-01
  • Author: Howard Roy
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