August 16, 2010


The experimental AirFist has become a formidable defensive weapon in the fight against Quake.  A compressed air weapon that sends almost anything it is aimed at flying.  This weapon is also used to send incoming ordinance other than where it was originally intended. Although unofficial use, some in the field have become adept at using a blast aimed at the ground to overcome both hostile and unattainable ground.  Be warned, the self-recharging compressor requires time after a series of rapid bursts.

AirFist (1223 downloads )
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  1. […] I googled "Air Fist". There is no mod. Anyway, I tried and that's what really counts. Google is not omnipotent, even when robots.txt isn't blocking it. I knew that finding that about a month ago would be helpful, even if the code wasn't helpful for […]


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