June 21, 2010

Blood Mage

Blood Mage is a total conversion for Quake 1.

As a BloodMage, you begin your quest with a Crimson Katana, a Staff of Regeneration, and a Triple Crossbow.  You will find other, more powerful, weapons and offensive spells during your quest.

“For centuries the Blood Mages walked the land building great cathedrals on places of power and using their powers to hold back barbarian hordes and swarms of destructive humanoids such as the orcs and goblins. But, at the dawn of a new age, the chaotic legions of creatures pressing against their borders began to organize.  The demigod leader of the Blood Mages, Cain, paid little attention to reports of the gathering armies, and, due to this fatal mistake, the Dark Armies drove a wedge of destruction into the heart of the Blood Mages’ protected lands. The shining cathedrals in their path were obliterated — twisted by unnatural magics and corrupted beyond recognition.  Gathering all his remaining strength, Cain shielded his remaining land against the Dark Army and held it long enough for the Crimson Warriors and Red Druids of the Blood Mage army to regroup and fortify their positions.

Now, in the bleak seventeenth year of the War, the Blood Mages are outnumbered and outmatched. Cain’s power dwindles and the countryside is a wasteland of plague and famine, littered with the corpses of those who fell in countless battles. Several of Cain’s ninja spies have managed to discover the location of the enemy’s capitol.  At the cost of dozens of lives, the few that returned were able to give Cain the information he desperately needed. Who was the leader of the Dark Army? — the Warlock Overlord Magigok.  With this new found knowledge in hand, Cain has sent much of his remaining army in a surgical strike against the enemy.  He hopes to successfully cut off the head of the unstoppable beast that is the Dark Army by killing its leader, the Warlock.  Without its leader, the Dark Army would be easily crushed in
the confusion that would follow.

You are one of the many who have been blessed by Cain and sent out to vanquish the Warlock.  Will you be able to assassinate the Overlord and bring victory to your people?  Will you wreak vengeance on the forces that have lain waste to your homeland?  Enter the world of Blood Mage and find out…”

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Mod Information

  • Version: 1.0
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1999-07-01
  • Updated: 1999-07-01
  • Author: BM Software Inc.
  • No homepage
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