August 16, 2010


Bombs9 is a fully networkable quakeC patch that enables 2 extra grenade launcher modes and 2 extra rocket launcher modes:

a) Firewall – a grenade is released, after a few bounces it shoots up in the air and explodes releasing 10 more grenades that fall down to the ground and explode in midair creating a sort of a firewall. This takes 5 rockets.

b) Proximity Mine – as you set a mine, there’s a 1.5 sec arming delay before the mine is armed. After the delay is over, the mine floats up in the air and starts rotating thus indicating it has been armed. Although it’s possible to jump over a mine, it’s advised to rather set it off with an explosion – a grenade or a rocket will do. The mine, if not disturbed, will self-detonate in 3 min. Takes 5 rockets.

c) Gibgun – similar to rocket , only when a gibgun rocket hits your victim it gets inside his body and starts rotating thus making your opponent suffer a great deal. Finally, the gibgun rocket explodes inside your opponent’s body often gibbing him to pieces. Takes 1 rocket.

d) Flashgun – fires a flash rocket which, on explosion, will temporarily blind your opponent if they are looking at it. If you are not careful and don’t turn away yourself you will be blinded as well though your own sight will return twice quicker than your opponent’s. Takes 1 rocket.

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Mod Information

  • Version: 9
  • Status: Final Release
  • Released: 1996-10-15
  • Updated: 1996-10-15
  • Author: PVP
  • No homepage
  • Has Source? Yes

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